Aircraft Models

Dreamscape Studios builds aircraft 3D models for a variety of purposes from the very low poly to the very high poly types of models either conceptual or standard. We build 3d models of conceptual aircraft for engineering firms for visualization use and for other engineering use.  We build very low poly models for clients to be used in simulation and training software as well as in flight video. We build these models with as little or as much detail as the client requests while staying within the restrictions of minimum and maximum polygons allowed by the final use and applications. 

We have built 3d models of aircraft from the earliest era to the latest aircraft, and from the smallest to the largest.  We have built models of civil, sport, military, commercial, experimental and unmanned aircraft.  These have ranged from rotary powered WWI fighters to some of the most advanced fighters in the world today.  Some models have very little detail but operate in near real time simulations on specific software while others we have built include cockpits with details down to the circuit breakers and still others built to visualize engineering for specific aircraft. 

Aircraft Detail Levels

Dreamscape Studios standard models include a mid range poly count from 10,000 to 100,000 polygons or faces, include exterior detail and animateable control surfaces, turbines or propellers. Landing gear and landing gear bay doors if applicable are animateable in most cases. There are Navigation NAV lights, Rotating beacons, landing lights and pitot tubes on the standard Dreamscape  3d models.  Radio and navigation antenna are also included on the models where applicable. 

Near to Scale

Keep in mind that our models are advertised as near to scale. We do not build exact scale models of say a Boeing airliner or a Douglas bomber. We do not have access to blue prints of those aircraft and it would be impossible to build an exact copy of those aircraft for visualization without the support of Boeing or whatever manufacturer providing much drawing work and technical data. Building a scale model to that degree would be notable but not valuable to us unless hired to do so. We would have almost no market for models of several tens of million polygons and that level of detail would prevent efficient rendering for video visualization. 

Generic Model Aircraft

Dreamscape builds models that the general dimensions of the aircraft are very close to a target aircraft and the model visually is very similar. But the model is not built to be an identical copy of any manufacturers aircraft.  Our models do not really exist in any form other than digital data and that data is not the same as a manufactured real airplane.  Aircraft models built by Dreamscape are typically built for the library and the standard practice of modeling applies. However when models are built as a non-exclusive model for a client, we may add that model or group of models to our library.  This provides additional choice to our retail customers.

Dreamscape Studios has a line of Generic 3D Aircraft Models and conceptual aircraft we have put together for those retail users that do not want any reference to or commonality with real aircraft.  We have some hundreds of models that are specifically designed here to be “Dreamscape” aircraft and do not represent any real aircraft.  These models are retained in our library but are available to retail customers.  If you are interested in a Dreamscape designed aircraft model, please feel free to let us know.  We can send rendering samples of these models to you. 

Ship and Boat Models

Dreamscape Studios has built hundreds of warships, ships and boats of a wide range sizes and descriptions. Some date back to the 1600s and others are from today’s modern era fleets.  Our Warship library has many classes of destroyers, patrol craft, PT Boats,  aircraft carriers, cruisers and battleships.  Many more warships are at various stages of production and will be added to the library as soon as we can complete them.  We have also built many cruise ships and ocean liners dating from the late 1800s through today’s mega ocean liners. Commercial freighters and cargo ships, tankers and special use ships, barges, tugs and other ships have also been built both for the library and customer requests.  In addition we have built a wide range of detail levels for these  models too and some have been produced in a low poly, medium poly and high poly configuration.  Some of our ships like the PC class subchaser have interior details on the bridge and flying bridge and the radio and ward room.  We have also built many civilian yachts, racing sailboats, cruising yachts and dinghies, personal watercraft, ski and fishing boats and cigarette boats.  If you want something special, let us know and we can either pull it from our archive or build if for you, ready to go specific to your needs. 

Rail Road Cars and Locomotives

The locomotives and cars range from the 1930s to the present day diesel locomotive and cargo cars.  One of our clients recently needed a very detailed and accurate scale model of covered hopper car built by American Rail Car the end user of the model work.  We built most of the parts to exact scale individually and put these parts together to become a complete accurate model of this rail car.  The end result is a highly realistic rendering of the rail car for clients to use on a website designed to allow interactive selection of replacement parts.  You can see renderings of this model in our header images on this site.  Additional railcars are planned by the customer and we will be building the next car scheduled in April 2015.


We build models that range from fabric over steel temporary buildings, through large high rise buildings to old urban apartment flats.  We can build exterior only very low poly through exterior and interior composite models with ultra high poly counts over a million faces.  We build scenes of buildings and streets, land and facilities as required. Any requirement of these modeling products can be provided to clients and are developed from their own blue prints or digital files. 

We provide visualization concepts or customer preview renderings of specific designs and models for use in a format and modified for 3d printing to architects to allow them to have physical models printed of their building. 

We build models of various architectural components like doors, windows and other specifically designed objects. We can build these specific models per architect request as an exclusive model for them. We also build models, not intentionally made to mimic or copy a real building but rather models for other 3d artist to purchase and use in their projects.  These buildings were created by our modelers from their own mind and do not represent a copy of a builder or architects work. 

Mechanical modeling

Dreamscape builds mechanical models for clients and provides them as a service for their own design work.  We do not provide models that are exact copies of products except in a general sense. We do not copy others work but we provide models for architects and mechanical engineers to do their work. Models built for them will meet their specifications and will be treated as exclusively theirs unless otherwise arranged. 

Dreamscape has built models of large mechanical pumps of 3-500 HP range used in the oil industry, industrial space heaters, a wide range of other parts used in oil research and production, support structures and hundreds of parts. Dreamscape has provided a wide range of models to EEIS engineers, HOK engineering, and others.  Our rates for building 3d models of mechanical objects varies according to resources provided by the client and the amount of research we are required to do.  Generally mechanical modeling will be provided between $25.00 and $50.00 per hour depending on complexity and number of hours.