Dreamscape Studios has built well over 10,000 models for our publicly available 3d model library and over 2400 models for clients around the world. Models range from very low poly to ultra high poly, from game and simulation models to models for movies and engineering projects.

Dreamscape Studios is located in United States. Dreamscape Studios is a private firm, founded in 2004 by Rick Johnston with the intent of being a producer of 3d model libraries for public use and customer orders of 3d models and providing consulting in the 3d industry.

Currently Dreamscape continues to focus on building 3d models of aircraft as well as 3d warships. However in the near future, non-military ships and boats will be added to the line up of Dreamscape production.

 We are determined to make every customer a repeat customer. We want them to feel like they are coming home when they call on us to do a project. Then need not be worried about due dates and quality.

We take pride in every model we build for ourselves our clients and our customers. We look forward to building more models for more clients and providing them the same efficient services we provided in the past, always focused on improving our quality and service.

The Dreamscape Team

Rick Johnston                      Senior Modeler and Owner email: rick@dreamscape-studios.com skype: Dreamscape3d

Signe Johnston                    Marketing and Finance

Andy Bohl                            Web Design and E-commerce

Amy Boyd                           Drafting and Architectural Design Modeler



Rick Johnston founded the largest 3d aircraft library in the world.

The company started out as Rick Johnston 3D but was renamed in 2006 to Dreamscape Studios to reflect the professionalism and growth that Rick demanded of himself and the business.  In the beginning Rick built all the models for the Dreamscape Library and all the special order business that started coming in about Aug of 2007.  In 2007 more and more customer and special order models and projects were coming in.  Growth for the first three years was 120% annually.

In 2007 Dreamscape took on writing tutorials for the3dstudio.com and this was a welcome diversion from building models 14 hours a day. In August of that year an agreement with the3dstudio.com brought in a steady flow of quote requests for special ordered models and projects and many of these resulted in small projects. In 2007 Dreamscape also started a long term commitment of building models of a wide variety for the3dstudio.com while continuing to build models for the Dreamscape Library, and customers of the3dstudio.com who wanted something unique.  During 2007 and 2008 Dreamscape also built projects for a wide range of our own clients from around the world.  Many small model projects turned clients into repeat customers. 

EEIS Engineering in Alaska hired Dreamscape to build a hanger and several aircraft models for that hanger project.  After a more than satisfactory completion of that project EEIS ordered a large volume of AutoCAD industrial 3d models for engineering use in the Alaskan Oil drilling industry for several different projects. Only the failing economy caused a halt to these projects in late 2008.  Approximately 50 models related to oil drilling in Alaska were produced for EEIS in two years. 

HOK Engineers asked for several specific 3d aircraft models were built very near to scale for use in determining size and dimensional requirements for hangers.

Sufian, a web designer in Netherlands wanted a large volume of models for a project. He hired Dreamscape to build a virtual Nemo Studios, the recording studio of Vangelis.  This project included dozens of 3d models of synthesizers, instruments, graphic equalizers, tape recorders, and many more objects plus the studio itself.  These projects were delivered and Sufian used the images and models to develop a web site honoring Vangelis.  

ATK, a contractor to the US government hired Dreamscape to build approximately 12 aircraft models and provide them for engineers to use in design studies.  These models were delivered and used in engineering for antenna development.

Grumman hired Dreamscape to build a very accurate 3d model of a Convair C-131 for use in radome and antenna engineering. Although this model did not have to be detailed it was required to be as accurate as possible.

The Beechcraft Starship was built in very high detail inside and out with a complete cockpit and animateable features far beyond the standard Dreamscape model airplane. The purpose was in a partnership with another firm to develop the model for Microsoft Flight Simulator. When the project programmer failed to materialize, Dreamscape retaining the rights to the model produced a version of themodel for the Dreamscape Library and began selling it publicly. This would lead to many new aircraft 3d models built with very detailed cockpits and exteriors.

In 2009 Dreamscape was hired by Rhodellian MechTec to do some modeling on a concept aircraft design. This work was completed and several variations of the aircraft were produced for the client over the next 4 years.

In 2010 Dreamscape built a series of 13 low poly ship models for a Chinese firm doing simulation. A low poly F-22 and a jet fighter cockpit were also requested in the order.  A second and larger order was to come from this Chinese firm in 2011 requiring another 13 ships and several planes.

In 2011 Dreamscape began working on a project for a French Aerospace Firm with orders for 10 helicopters to be built in low poly for flight crew simulations. These helicopters were built and delivered. Later in the year Dreamscape was hired to produce 3D aircraft low poly model for a PC tablet based flight crew training simulator. The project aircraft was an X plane version of a Boeing BBJ and a detailed cockpit in both in Low poly with limited textures.

In 2012 More work was done for Rhodellian and variations on their concept aircraft. Also during that year Dreamscape began working with a US based firm to provide 12 3d aircraft in low poly models to be used in displays for passengers on major airlines. The 3d models we build are used to provide passengers a real time image of the aircraft they are flying in and the ground or ocean they are flying over. In 2012 Dreamscape also provided 2 animation projects to 2 different clients. One for afracking information video and a second for a Nuclear Technology firm.

2013 was a huge year for Dreamscape Production. As of Jan 2013 Dreamscape had 8,800 model in our library. The goal of 10,000 models in our library was within striking distance. With another year of overtime work on library models Rick Johnston pushed the total in the library to 10,001 models in November 2013. By the end of the year 10,030 models were in the library. At the end of January 2014, 1 0,060 models were in the library at The3dStudio when that site went through a major shake up and reduced our library there to 68 models. This will have a major affect on our sales, budgets and business plans. We do not see it as a complete negative. We are now building Generic models for T3DS posting and transferring 8000 plus models to other sites.

After 9 years and some months, Rick has built over 10,000 models for the Dreamscape Library. Only a few models in our library were built buy other artist during the 9 years in business. Rick also built the majority of modeling projects for clients wanting special orders during the same time. He has achieved a level of production far exceeding many in the world in quantity and quality. He developed a mass-production technique to reduce cost while maintaining quality and giving the customer more choice than any other firm.

Dreamscape will continue to build 3d model content for the 3d industry on into the future. Although we have had rough times like everyone else in the industry we are poised to go farther. We look to a bright future of building another 10 or 20 thousand models for our own libraries, and those of our clients.  We enjoy being there for our clients and anyone who needs us.

For inquiries or if you have any business which you would like to discuss concerning Dreamscape Studios, please contact Rick at: