Dreamscape Studios provides animation services.  Dreamscape can provide simple camera fly through to very complex animations of characters. 

We are specialists animating flight.  We have a lot of experience animating flight of aircraft of many types.  From sailplanes to fighters, Cargo planes to airliners, bombers to helicopters, Dreamscape has a pilot on staff that can plan and review all animation to insure that the flight animation is correct in all respects. 

Dreamscape can also do animations of vehicles moving about a landscape or ships and boats on the water.  We can handle many types of animation products and rendering. 

Animations are often difficult and are usually time consuming projects.   All animation products are more expensive than just building models and rendering.  Rendering time is also much higher in animation projects and the amount of realism in the scenes can increase the costs substantially.

Animation products can also be developed specifically for Web Page design professionals.  We can animate features like mouse roll-overs and highlights to gradual changes on a web site using Flash and other tools. 

If you are looking for simple animations with Flash animations or complex animations using 3DS Max, give us a try, chances are we can do the job, efficiently, within budget and deliver it on time.