Custom Orders

3d Models can of course be special ordered by most anyone from Dreamscape Studios.  If you are interested in ordering a single or multiple models from us you will first need a quote.    To get a quote from us you will need to complete a request form.  Please give us as much detail as possible about your request so that we can give you an honest and accurate figure.  If you do not give us enough information, we will contact you with questions regarding the request. 

Building models takes time.  We are a small shop and have only a few artists available to us to build your custom or special order models or project.  That being said custom and special orders have priority over our library model production and get resources just as soon as a deposit is received.  Depending on work load we generally can get an average 3d model built and delivered within a few days.  Very simple models have taken less than 24 hours to deliver while very large projects with hundreds of models in a scene might take a couple of months.  We do give you an estimated delivery date when we send your quote.


We can build 3d models and scenes using either AutoCAD or 3DS Studio Max.  We generally use software that is a couple of releases behind the current one to insure we do not have the capability to supply models to companies who like us can’t afford to upgrade versions of 3dsMax, AutoCAD or other software every year or so.  We also use a translation software that does a very good job translating max files into a wide range of formats.  .3ds, .dwg, .dxf, .3dm, .skp, lwo, .flt, .obj, .stl, .u3d, .asc, .dae and .fbx are some of the file formats we are most successful in providing. 

Textures and materials

Texturing a model can just add paint, weathering, feel and many other features to a model and take it from a cartoon like figure to a very realistic model.  We can handle a wide range of textures, resolutions and types of UVW mapping to work on 3d models.  Some textures can be very large and others very small.  The smaller the textures, generally the less detail.  The bigger the texture size, the more detail and realism but also much slower rendering times.  Texturing can take as much as the same amount of labor as the geometry took to build and sometimes more. 

Changes to models already in production or after completion

When asking for a quote, you must be specific.  If you want a specific object with certain features, you must tell us.  If you leave something out of the quote, we will not include it and when the model is delivered, it will not be what you expected.  Then when you tell us what you wanted specifically and you had not included it in the quote request, we will have to charge you for the additional work.  This could be a small charge but it also could result in rebuilding the model again and that can be expensive.  Please be accurate and complete when asking for a quote.


Exclusive Rights models are provided to clients doing special orders only when the client requests them or when the object being modeled is a copyrighted object owned by someone else and Dreamscape could not resell the object. 

Cost of exclusivity

Depending on the use of the model excusive rights can cost from 1 to 2 times the build cost of the model.  If a model cost $100 USD to build, the exclusive rights could be from $100.00 - $200.00 added to the cost of the model.  If the model is a $2000.00 cost model, a fee of $2000.00 - $4000.00 would be required to purchase exclusive rights.  Keep in mind not all models require exclusive rights.  Generally speaking if a model is to be used repeatedly in sales of software or  3D printing or laser cutting physical models that are sold, an exclusive license will be required.

Getting your model built

Getting a model built with Dreamscape Studios is most always a great experience.  We have built thousands of models for hundreds of clients over the years and only a few turned out to be a bad experience.  Our customer service ratings are very high because we enjoy what we do, and we value repeat customers. 

Repeat customers are our goal

We have many repeat customers and some of them have been using Dreamscape Studios for years.  Two clients have purchased hundreds of models for their libraries or projects.  Many have purchased 10s of models special ordered from Dreamscape.  We always do our level best to make sure the client is happy and satisfied with our work.  Repeat customers often get a better deal because as we get to know what the client expects and needs, we can provide it more easily saving us time and expenses.  We enjoy working for our clients time and again.

What about the rare problems?

In a few rare cases where a miscommunication had taken place, we have re-built, replaced or repaired the models concerned until the client is happy with the results.  We can easily boast a 99% satisfaction rate.  We are not perfect an will never claim to be so.  However we do our best and our clients know it. 

Again like I said we are not perfect and we do make errors in geometry or texturing.  When we make an obvious error in either texturing or geometry, we are always willing to make the correction without charge to the customer.

If you wish to review some of our project gallery and see some models we have built for our special order clients, click here or select project gallery from the menu. 

If you wish to make an application for a quote, please click here or select get a quote from the menu. 

Thank you for your interest, time and consideration.  We are happy that you did.  We certainly hope you will give us a try and ask for a quote.