The first Project is a logo added to a racing car and animated renderings for our client Milio Walker in New York.  This was done quite some time ago but is unique and we thought a good piece to show you. 

The third animation project shown here was a trailer developed per request for director and producer Georgia Hilton and her movie “Subconscious”.  It shows a very detailed high poly model of a Balao Class Submarine, the USS Lionfish as she was maneuvering underwater and firing a torpedoes.  This project trailer was produced while teaming with Millie Models.  Dreamscape built all of the models and did the animation and camera work while Millie Models did the environment, lighting and rendering. 

The second is an animation for a client to demonstrate the process of development of onsite fracking.  This animation quickly shows the process of laying out the temporary foundation, setting up equipment and then the fracking process.  It is a general process and nothing detailed is shown.  This animation was developed while teaming with a partner company Millie Models in 2012.