Project Gallery

Jason Tapia an architect doing business in New York and Miami contracted us to provide 3d modeling and rendering support for 3 projects. The first project was to build and render a bus stop passenger shelter of his design within a realistic environment at the intersection of NE 4rth street and Biscayne Blvd in downtown Miami. The project was completed within 10 days of starting. The second and third project include residential housing projects designed by Jason Tapia.



Dreamscape Studios has been contracted to build 3d models of a rail car and about 60 railroad car parts for Mirage Advertising. The first Railway car 6224 Hopper and the parts are completed and delivered. A rendering is posted here.





Hawker Siddeley HS748 Low Poly.jpg

This is the first project with UK based Micronav to provide 14 aircraft low poly models with low resolution textures. It was completed on 6 February 2014. Models were built as non-exclusive and the 14 models were added to the Dreamscape Library and are available to the public.  The aircraft include Hindustan, Cessna, Hal, Harbin, Hawker Siddeley and other aircraft models as well as 3 UAVs.  These models are to be used in flight crew and air traffic control training simulators.


A second project with Micronav was completed in October and reviewed and updated in January.  This project included 9 buildings of the Brussels airport in low poly with low resolution textures.  Additional airport and aircraft modeling projects are expected in the near future.  These models are to be used in flight crew and air traffic control training simulators.



This is the project to build generic, detailed ocean liners for as part of our long term agreement. Models delivered include a 1938 ocean liner, 2010 ocean liner and a ancient Greek galley.  All are very detailed models of the high poly type with large textures. These are not rendered as realistic as they could be with lighting and other features but demonstrate the capabilities of Dreamscape to do large project single models.