More models coming very soon!

We congratulate Dalia and the CGTrader team as they announced recently they are the largest 3d resource site in the world! We also want to congratulate them for the first timethey were able to beat Turbosquid sales of Dreamscape Studios models for monthly sales both in numbers sold and by value and royalties! 

Dreamscape Studios recently added over 1000 models to its library on CGTrader, bringing it to a total of 5756 models. Another 4000 plus models will be added to CGTrader in the near future. These models include more popular aircraft, historic aircraft from WWII, 1930s, and present day, warships from present day navies and some SST (Single Sheet Texture Models). Some new subjects include vending machines, cowboys and western era objects, bicycles, toys, architectural, weapons and firearms.

Keep watching in the future for the new product launches!