The Sea Spray Project

 We just got word from our client on the Sea Spray project and all models have been tested in the gaming environment. 

We also got the first video feedback. I would love to share it, but it is not ready for public viewing yet.

The owner of the Sea Spray project is very happy with the ships and there function. He is working hard on the demo which should be out in a few months. He is working on the ballistics for the weapons at this point.

Jason Tapia Architect Projects

Jason Tapia an architect doing business in New York and Miami contracted us to provide 3d modeling and rendering support for 3 projects.

The first project was to build and render a bus stop passenger shelter of his design within a realistic environment. Dreamscape pulled out all the stops and built the entire area around the bus shelter the intersection of NE 4rth street and Biscayne Blvd in downtown Miami. The project was completed within 10 days of starting.

The second and third project include residential housing projects designed by Jason Tapia.