Embraer 202 Ipanema

A new client Senecio ordered a Embrear 202 Ipanema Agricultural Crop Dusting airplane for their use in an engineering process of a new sprayer design.  The model was built and delivered and received with excellent comments.  They have also ordered another crop duster, an Air tractor 502B.  That model will be developed later in the week and should be delivered within 5-6 days

New 3D models in production

A new series of models in now in the middle stages of production and are introduced  to CGTrader.com and the Dreamscape Library. 

Dreamscape DC-3 Series

will include about 65 civilian liveries.  These models  come with the standard animateable features such as propellers, ailerons, flaps, elevators, rudder, main landing gear and landing gear doors.  The series is mean to replace a series of models that were originally built in 2005 and updated and in 2008.

Dreamscape A320 and A321

both in medium poly.  Low poly versions of these are also being planned for June 2014. These models will be launched with about 40 liveries each.

Elco Class PT Boats

The series of boats were built in 2008 but were lost in the hard drive failure a few months ago. However we were able to recover these without renderings and re-render these using the latest dreamscape techniques.

South Dakota Class Battleships

The BB57 - BB60, will be built this summer. Probably beginning in July the South Dakota, Indiana, Alabama and Massachusetts. These were the newest battleships in World War II except for the Iowa Class Battleships BB-61 - 64 

Lexington Class Aircraft Carriers

Lexington and Saratoga, the first aircraft carriers designed for the purpose are on our schedule. They have been started and we are looking forward to completing these two beautiful ships.