Website Development has been redesigned and developed over the past year to include a brad new store selling some of our best models.  Customers can now come directly to and find products, purchase and download them and get the products at the best price possible. Our online store has over 2100 models in the inventory and additional models will be added in the future as sales at our site grow. Customers can pay with either PayPal or Stripe using a credit card or they can contact us directly to make other arrangements for payment processing or to find models not shown in our on line library. Dreamscape-Studios gives the customer a wide range of services to choose from.  Services range from model sales to physical model construction,  3d printing and special ordered models for a wide range of purposes. 

Library continues to grow

Dreamscape continues to add to the library of publicly available models and to its list of partnering distribution companies.  www. has over 2100 models available for sale, has more than 3500, has some 4800 plus models, and www.the3dstudio still has some 300 generic models. A contract has recently been negotiated that will also add Reallusion to our distribution outlets with a first delivery of 44 models specifically built for their marketplace. CGTrader is also about to get specifically designed and exclusive models too. 

We are proud of each of our distributors and do the best we can to provide them with all the models we can, and reach as many customers as possible. Another several thousand models are currently in the works to be updated, rebuilt or completed for addition to our on line sales libraries. This will take several years to complete and when finished, some sites will have over 10,000 models posted for sale by Dreamscape Studios.