To Our Valued Customers, Clients and Friends!

Welcome to the new Dreamscape 3D model store. It has been a long time in development and we are proud of the results. There is much more to do to fine tune the store and add more models and if you find some issue, please let us know.

So if we do not have something you are looking for, use the menus on BUY 3D MODELS to go to, or to see many thousands of our models and purchase the model you need.

You may also send us a request through contact us and we will give you a quote to build the model. Our cost for building 3D models for customers not needed exclusive rights are very reasonable.

Please feel free to let me know what you think about our new store and how we can improve it. I would also ask if you like our web site and store to please like it and share us on Facebook. You can also connect with me on Linkedin.


Rick Johnston
President and Founder

Dreamscape Studios

Dreamscape Goes Ballistic!!!

Dreamscape Studios has rocketed to the weekly 1st ranked designer at

for 3 weeks in a row! After joining the site in Feb 2014, we had been able to post about 3000 models until the 2nd week of December due to limited resources. Sales have been increased during the same period although the Christmas season is typically slow for 3D model retail. Another 1500 models are waiting upload!

You know we have been so busy at Dreamscape posting models and doing re-renderings and building models we did not even know about the ranking. One of our friends in the 3D business had to call us and let us know!